Quality Pre-owned Sports Cars for Sale in Mayfield, KY

Your Sports Car is Waiting for You at Seay Motors in Mayfield, KY

For sports car drivers in Mayfield, KY, and the surrounding areas, few things can compare to the humming sound of a powerful V8 engine at a red light. You look to the right, knowing you could accelerate and beat the next car off the line. It's not that you want to race; it's knowing that you could jet past the other vehicle if you wanted to. At Seay Motors, we cater to your love for used sports cars-which is why we have one of the largest selections in the area.

Why Buy a Used Sports Car

If you're not in the market for a sports car, or you've never considered driving one, maybe we can change your mind. If you want a powerful, high-performance car with the potential to sell at a higher price later down the line, you may want to check our inventory.

Higher Resale Value

Vehicles depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. But, many sports cars have a better resale value than the average sedan or pickup. Why? Because there isn't usually a lot of them manufactured. That means they have a better chance of holding their value or becoming a classic. In addition, when you customize your ride with dual exhaust or spoiler, the value can increase as well.


Sports cars don't just go fast-they look good whether you're on the highway in Murray, KY, or idle at a red light in Benton, KY. The aesthetics of these vehicles turn heads whenever it passes by. Maybe it's the headlights and the mean grill of the Dodge Challenger or the Classic Ford Mustang logo, representing pure and unadulterated power. Either way, the sleek designs stand out on every road.

Driving Quality

There's just something about sitting in the driver's seat of a Chevrolet Camero or Classic Corvette that gives you power. Sports cars are designed to give you more control and a better driving experience than a typical Sedan or SUV. When you sink into the customized leather bucket seats, and the material perfectly aligns with the contour of your body, you'll feel like there's no better way to drive through Martin, TN.

Types of Sports Cars in Stock

We wouldn't tempt you to purchase a used sports car if we didn't have a quality selection to chose from. So, check out some of our featured models.

Dodge Charger

Our Charger comes with a 3.6L V6 engine and 292 horsepower. With 260 lb.-ft of Torque, this vehicle has the power you need to get you where you have to go.

Chevrolet Camero 2LT/RS

The Camero comes with a 3.6L V6 engine and 323 horsepower. The 278lb.-ft of Torque shows that it has just a little bit more power than our Dodge Charger.

Camero 1LT

Our Camero has a 6.2L V8 Engine, 455 horsepower, and 455 lb.ft of Torque. Wherever you want to travel in Benton, KY, this vehicle will get you there fast.

Chevrolet Corvette

We have various Corvettes on our lot, from a Corvette Stingray with a 6.2L V8 engine to a Corvette Grand Sport. If you want power, beauty, and speed, you'll want to check out the coupe options we have for this sports car.

Financing Your Sports Car

If you find a sports car that catches your eyes, the next step is financing your vehicle. You can complete the finance application online or in person. Either way, our friendly finance associates will do everything they can to get you the best rates for your loan. They will utilize any vehicle specials applicable to your choice and factor in your trade (if you have one) to lower your monthly payments. If you want to go home in your sports car today, our representatives will work with you to make it happen.

Make the short trip from Paducah, KY, and test drive your next used sports car. Once you get in the driver's seat, you'll never want to get out.

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