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Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with an Oil Change

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, and just like your actual heart, you have to take care of it to ensure it stays healthy for the long term. For your vehicle that means regular oil changes are a necessity, and Seay Motors in Mayfield, KY is here to help with all of your oil change needs.

Why are Oil Changes Important?

Your engine is made up of hundreds of metal parts all moving at incredibly high speeds, and the only thing preventing direct metal-on-metal friction is your engine oil. This layer of lubrication is critical to reduce both physical wear as well as massive heat buildup from friction inside your engine. As your oil ages, it loses the ability to properly coat these metal parts and they are then susceptible to the kinds of physical wear and heat that can render even a relatively new engine inoperable. If the heat becomes too intense or the friction becomes too difficult to overcome, you can break internal engine parts and at that point your only option is a complete engine change or to get rid of the vehicle altogether.

You can avoid all of these pitfalls by scheduling regular oil changes at our Mayfield, KY service center. Fresh oil has the viscosity needed to properly lubricate and cling to the fast-moving parts in your engine, ensuring that no metal-on-metal contact occurs. In addition, fresh oil will flow more consistently throughout your engine, helping to dissipate heat and regulate your engine's overall-temperature in conjunction with your cooling system.

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If you feel your vehicle is ready for an oil change, don't hesitate to make an appointment with our service center today! Our team of experts know just what your engine needs to keep running like new, and we'll make sure you get it so you can drive with confidence.

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