Get Your Trade In Value with Ease Online with Seay Motors


If you're looking at upgrading from your current vehicle situation, or have a vehicle that you'd like to sell, we can help at Seay Motors. Using our KBB Instant Cash Offer you're able to get trusted value on the cost of your current vehicle, and apply it toward the purchase of one from our showroom, or get that money by selling your used car to us!

Being able to know the value of your vehicle is a benefit that everyone here in Mayfield, KY along with areas like Paducah, Murray and Benton, KY plus Martin, TN can use. It gives you a better idea of what you'll have at trade-in and let you know if you need to adjust any down payment to get the right price and monthly payment on your next purchase. A trade-in can provide you with even more savings on any one of our used cars. You'll also be able to get a smooth transaction if you're looking to sell, without having to do any listings on your own and fielding calls left and right.

Using the tool is simple. We just need basic vehicle information along with condition and features. It's all put into KBB's database that sources vehicle pricing information from around the country and the local area and provides you with an estimated value for your vehicle. You can then bring it in to us at Seay Motors and we'll verify the condition, and if it all goes to plan, you'll get that value applied to your trade-in or we'll purchase the vehicle from you!

Getting your vehicle's trade in value when searching for your next vehicle is always a good idea, and we give you the chance to save time and get a better idea of what your current ride is worth. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to provide you with more information!

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