Facts About Tire Rotation That You Need To Know

You drive your new car off the dealership's lot and it's a smooth ride that you love. However, after several months you notice that it takes extra effort to turn or break around corners. Your vehicle might require a tire rotation to restore its performance on the road.

Here are facts about tire rotation that you need to know:

  • Regular tire rotation improves the safety of your vehicle
  • Regular tire rotation improves the car's performance on the road
  • Regular tire rotation prolongs the life of the tires on your vehicle
  • Regular tire rotation will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle in tire repair and replacement cost

It's important to remember to rotate your tires. While it's suggested that you get a rotation performed once ever 3-7,000 miles, it's also recommended that you do it with every oil change. This can make it easier to remember.

Would you like to know more about tire rotation? Contact the service center at Seay Motors in Mayfield, KY for more information.

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