Headlights Should Remain Clean for Optimal Brightness

It is easy to forget about maintaining your headlights, but headlight maintenance is a vital component to car ownership. Your headlights allow you to see in front of you when driving at night, and neglecting them is dangerous.

Don't allow the plastic outside of your headlights or the lens to become cloudy. If they do get cloudy, your headlights won't provide as much light and visibility after dark, and you should bring your car to Seay Motors and allow us to clean them. Make sure your headlights are working at all times, and if a bulb goes out, bring your headlights in to be replaced. Even if only one headlight isn't working, make sure you have both of them replaced at the same time so that one headlight isn't brighter than the other.

Maintaining your headlights is easy, inexpensive and will help you better see the roadway when driving after dark. Call today for an appointment.

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