The List You Should Have Before Going on A Holiday Trip

The holidays are the most wonderful times of the year because once work and school are out, you can travel with your family or by yourself to go see additional family or friends. But you don't want to travel unprepared, so that's why you should have a list handy to make sure you're ready for anything that could happen on the road, which the team at Seay Motors is here to help with.

You should also make sure you know your route and if possible use a GPS to make sure you don't miss important turns. Some of the other important items on your list include:

  • Have planned stops along the way to get caffeine, allow you and your passengers to stretch, and if you're on a long trip, have a hotel or friend's place to stay at
  • Have things that can keep your passengers occupied and minimize driving distractions
  • Have tools and emergency kits in case you need to make short roadside repairs

The best preparation for long trips is through service work at our dealership to make sure your vehicle is road-ready and doesn't breakdown on the way. Stop in soon and we'll look it over and perform maintenance as necessary!

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