What Is the Big Deal on Four-Wheel-Drive Vs. All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles

Anyone who is contemplating the purchase of a new or used vehicle might want to consider getting a vehicle that has the capability of power on all four wheels. This will give the driver much more traction in difficult driving situations.

There are two versions, and people don't always get it right when it comes to the functions of these versions, four-wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive. You should define the intended function that you wish for your vehicle and then make your choice accordingly.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles are more in the public eye and are more familiar to most people because of this. Larger sized off-road SUVs and pickup trucks are the primary users of the four-wheel drive which implements a lower gear ratio and a split differential in order to carry out the mission. This method is primarily used for off-road and rugged terrain usage.

The all-wheel-drive concept was created for paved road use only. It transmits power to each wheel in proportion to its immediate use based on the road condition. It gives a powerful ride in all kinds of weather and conditions.

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