Change Your Oil When It Needs it

It used to be a rule of thumb to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles, but it is now considered too often. It is now more acceptable to get your oil changed every 7,500 miles. If you get your oil changed too often, then you are basically just throwing your money away. You are also contributing to the pollution that ends up back in the environment.

Come see us at Seay Motors to consult with one of our technicians to find out when it's best to get your oil changed. You can refer to your owner' manual as well. Your owner's manual will tell you what your specific vehicle requires and what type of oil to use.

You should check your oil to see what it looks like since that will tell you a lot. The color of your oil will tell you when it will need to be changed. Stop in and learn more from our experts at 72 Youngblood Drive today!

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