DIY Car Hacks

Don't be afraid to use things you might find around the house to fix some of the issues on your car. Our cars come in contact with many different elements and after a while these things can take a toll on our car. Little dings and scratches come with the territory of owning a car. Don't spend a ton when you can do some things yourself. Try out these hacks:

  • Make your keychain lighter by removing the things you don't need. Having a heavy keychain can wear your ignition switch.
  • Remove dead bugs and other grime off of your windshield with a razor blade. Sometimes using your windshield wipers isn't enough to get dried up gunk off of your windshield.
  • Are your headlights foggy? Use toothpaste to clean them. They'll be shiny like new!
  • Improve gas mileage by slowly coming to a stop, reducing idle time, and using cruise control to maintain a steady speed.
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